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Month: January 2020

Bright Recruitment Inc. was the original name of Bright Immigration Inc.
Bright Immigration

4 Tips for Spousal Sponsorship/Permanent Residency Applications

Many people are now hoping to make a new life in Canada. The immigrant-friendly country has long been welcoming towards
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4 Red Flags to Look Out for in Trying to Secure Spousal Sponsorships

While not entirely perfect or without controversy, Canada’s immigration policies have always been hailed for its openness to admit migrants
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4 Spousal Sponsorship Woes You Can Avoid – What to Know

The Canadian spousal sponsorship process has a lot of potential woes that could jeopardize your application, but there are ways
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How To Immigrate To Canada

Are you wondering how to immigrate to Canada? Canadian immigration can be a complicated process, and many people aren’t quite
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What to Do If Your Spousal Sponsorship Application Is Denied

When it comes to immigration processes for getting into Canada, Spousal Sponsorship applications can be some of the most difficult
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Immigration Update: Canada Welcomes Immigrants From Hong Kong

The Canada Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, recently told reporters that the country is welcoming more immigrants from Hong Kong. The
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Canadian Permanent Resident vs Citizen: Which Is Better?

Canada has an excellent immigration policy, which is why for many years, it has been a top choice of country
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Spousal Sponsorship: What to Know About Outland Application

Canada’s Family Class Sponsorship Program allows its citizens to bring their foreign families with them into the country. One subcategory
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Lonely Canadian: Sponsoring a Relative to Immigrate

When you live alone in another country, you can’t help but feel homesick and lonely sometimes. Some people cope with
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3 Documents to Provide as Proof of Your Relationship – What to Know

When your loved ones want to move in with you, but she or he is from another country, one solution
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