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Our experienced legal professionals are here to provide you with insight and guidance as you begin to build your new life in Canada. BRIGHT is here every step of the way to assist you in navigating Canada’s immigration and citizenship processes.

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We Can Help!

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At Bright Immigration, our immigration consultants aim to help clients reach their immigration related objectives, such as getting a Canada visitor visa, Express Entry permit, getting a super visa, and any other Canada immigration services you might need. 

We are the #1 immigration consultant firm in Toronto. Bright Immigration is far ahead from any competition when it comes to offering solutions to complex Canadian immigration problems.

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When you hire us, you will have a team of experts behind you. From basic advice to complicated migration solutions, we have got you covered.


Our legal professionals take the time to get to know each of our clients personally and ensure that they understand every option available to them.

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We respond to all business-related questions within 24-48 business hours.


Along with the best service in the industry, we have some of the most affordable rates. Book a consultation to get your estimate and ask about our Brighter Price Guarantee.


Our team has 50+ years of cumulative Canadian immigration experience. We’ve got experts on every immigration-related topic


It’s easy to get started with our immigration process. In only three steps you will be well on your way!

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Then call our Canadian immigration consultants to steer your immigration applications back on track.

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Whether you are visiting Canada or intend to stay, our team of experienced professionals will help you meet your immigration goal.

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We have 300+ 5-star reviews from satisfied clients all over the world. Read what our clients have to say about us above.

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Our Affiliates

Bright Immigration is extremely proud to be affiliated and partnered with the following organizations

Brighter Together

Brighter Together is the registered charity arm of Bright Immigration.

It works to showcase the positive impacts and generous contributions of Canadian immigrants. Each project undertaken by Brighter Together aims to tackle real Canadian problems with funding and support from Canadian immigrants.


IMMPROVED knows Canadian immigration and is committed to helping clients achieve their immigration goals.

Our platform was designed for potential immigrants by immigration experts. IMMPROVED is simple and instantaneous. Answer the provided questionnaire to instantly identify which immigration programs you qualify for. If you happen to fall short or do not qualify, IMMPROVED will provide recommendations on what you can do to improve your chances.


IMMITRACKER is the largest visa and immigration application tracker for Canada and Australia.

This platform is simplifying the immigration process by helping immigrants learn about and take advantage of life-changing opportunities. Whether it's connecting immigrants with the resources and services, Immitracker is there, so YOU, can have a better immigration experience.