Canada offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities. The country has decent healthcare, offers paid holidays and leaves, and overall provides good quality of life. No wonder why foreign nationals are eager to make Canada their place of work. 

If you are a foreign national wanting the same, you need to work hard to get a job offer from a Canadian employer so that you can obtain a work permit. A work permit is necessary for your wish to work in Canada to come true. 

In this article, we will discuss the things you need to know about the Canadian job offer letter as a guide to jumpstart your Canada career goals. 

Let’s get to it!

What Is a Canada Job Offer Letter? 

A Canadian job offer letter, also known as an employment letter, is a document given by Canadian employers to foreign workers to allow them to work in Canada. The letter states everything about the job, including the applicant’s pay and deductions, job duties, and conditions of employment such as working hours. However, the letter is not that detailed compared to an employment contract. It’s just a summary of what the employee should expect about the role and the employer’s offer. 

Is There a Difference Between an Offer of Employment Letter and a Job Offer Letter?

Most foreign applicants are confused between an offer of employment letter and a job offer letter. These documents are often regarded as synonymous, but in fact, they are completely different. 

As a foreign applicant, you must know that offer letters are only given to selected candidates suitable for the job. On the other hand, an employment letter is a letter that certifies an employee is working with the company. Generally, the employer who wishes to hire you must be the one to submit the offer of employment letter in the Employer Portal. It must include the business or company name, the foreign worker intended for the position, the job details, wage and benefits and the job offer letter. You will need this letter when applying for your work visa. 

How Can You Get a Job Offer Letter in Canada? 

You can have a job offer letter in Canada by applying to different Canada-based companies. You can apply through online platforms or directly to the company’s websites. Also, there are job portals available like the Canadian Job Bank and Indeed Canada, where you can submit your application to different companies. Don’t worry because you can access most of the portals and websites for free. You can also search for jobs with the help of a recruitment agency to get a job offer letter in Canada. 

How Can You Verify the Job Offer Letter’s Legitimacy? 

Scams and fake documents are prevalent today, so you must be vigilant as an applicant, especially if the job offer is far from your country of residence. Before arranging your visa application and travel requirements, verify the job offer letter’s legitimacy. If the offer requires you to pay a specific amount to secure the job or receive mandatory training, be wary because that might be a scam. A true and certified Canadian employer doesn’t solicit any money from applicants. 


Canada is such a great place to work and raise a family. But there’s no easy process; you need to work hard to get a job offer letter. A job offer letter is necessary so that you can obtain a work permit in Canada. However, some cases are exempted, so you need immigration experts who can help you with the application process to find out if you qualify for the exemption. 

If you’re looking for professional help from a trusted firm, please contact us at or call 1-888-404-8472. 

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