The world is full of opportunities! Whether it’s to receive a quality education, start a business, or fulfill your career goals, you have a chance to chase your dreams and turn them into reality. However, unfortunately, opportunities are challenging to come by. Given the obstacles that may hinder you from achieving what you want to accomplish, dreaming may seem futile.

Although it may be challenging to seize opportunities where you are now, this doesn’t mean that you have no chance at having a better life or career! You may not receive the best education or start the job you want to have in your country, but who’s to say that you won’t find opportunities in Canada?

Working and Studying in Ontario

There are many reasons to start a career in Canada. From the supportive work culture to great work benefits, you’re sure to have a comfortable lifestyle while taking compelling job opportunities. Given Canada’s ambitious immigration plan for the next three years, you have a great chance at receiving a job offer in one of the most accepting nations in the world!

To help employers get ahead of the global competition for the brightest and best talents, the Government of Ontario established an immigration program, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). 

The OINP involves nominating individuals and their families for permanent residence on a pre-approved job offer in Ontario. Through this program, skilled foreign workers have a chance to live and work in the province permanently. 

The OINP Draws

The OINP uses an expression of interest system to select individuals. Before applying for this immigration program, you must register an expression of interest to let them know that you wish to be invited to apply. Once you’ve been invited, you can then apply to your desired stream.

Last September 21, the OINP issued invitations to qualified candidates of the  Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker and International Student streams. Among those who expressed interest in being invited, 995 candidates were selected from the Expression of Interest pool.

Foreign Worker Stream

For the foreign worker stream, OINP issued 406 invitations. The applicants had profiles created from April 28, 2021, to September 21, 2021, and received a score of at least 37 and above.

International Student Stream

The OINP also conducted a general draw for this stream. Only applicants with a score of 61 were eligible to be included in the draw. Five hundred twenty-three candidates were invited for this draw, with profiles created between April 21, 2021, and September 21, 2021.

What to Do After Receiving an Invitation

If you were one of the lucky 995 candidates selected through the OINP, you must submit an application within 14 calendar days from when you received the invitation. 

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Enter the Ontario immigration website.
  2. Log into your One-key account as a returning user.
  3. Begin your application by clicking on the file number link.

Keep in mind that it takes around two hours to complete the application, although you don’t have to fill it out all at once. Make sure to be ready to scan and upload the supporting documents and have your credit card nearby.


The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to receive permanent residence and eventually start a promising career in Canada. Make sure to work with a reputable Canada immigration agency during your application to have a greater chance of moving to the country.

If you’re looking for professional help from a trusted firm, please contact us at or call 1-888-404-8472.

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