Immigrating to Canada as a skilled employee is one the most effective ways to move there as a permanent resident. Aside from being a legal Canadian resident, you are also assured of employment in an in-demand job position, especially for engineers.

Canada has a huge growing demand for engineers and other labour needs, and they are looking towards immigrants who have enough qualified skills to make the grade. If you wish to live and work in the country as an engineer, check out our short guide on proper steps to make it as an employed and full-fledged Canadian resident.

Meeting Canada’s Employment Demands

Looking for in-demand employment is the best way to immigrate to Canada. After all, you are answering a national need for engineers in different industries. Once you enter the country, you can guarantee a job is waiting for you. The immigration status is also streamlined specifically for employees with skills that meet the country’s qualifications.

One of the main ways is through the Express Entry system. Created in 2015, EE is a viable solution that addresses Canada’s needs for ever-expanding employment growth, using immigration and specific employment for immigrants. It answers the country’s call for an additional workforce while giving help to qualified applicants.

Express entry consultants recommend this method as one of the better and surer ways for permanent residency while guaranteeing people a job upon entry, minimizing employment concerns upon arriving in the country.

The Express Entry Process

Since 2020, 107,950 invitations to apply (ITA) have been issued to successful candidates. They went on to immigrate and work in Canada. Applicants are eligible under three training programs: FSWP or Federal Skilled Worker Program, FTWP or Federal Trades Worker Program, and CEC or Canada Experience Class.

Engineers who decide to move to Canada and work are classified as skilled workers and can join the FSWP. However, applicants would need to accomplish a string of steps to progress through successful immigration as employed citizens. 

You must first submit several requirements and documents to the program, after which you have to create an online profile. You will receive a CRS or a comprehensive ranking system and be placed in a draw pool with a certain CRS threshold to meet.

Successful applicants will receive an ITA once they make the cut. From there, the requirements involve supporting documents, corresponding fees, and the final permanent residency application.

Other Immigration Methods

Applicants who are ineligible for the EE method can still apply through other means. Express entry consultants recommend a couple of ways.

The PNP or Provincial Nominee Program allows local provinces to endorse applicants based on the employment needs in their area, subject to preliminary checks and approval.

Another method is through TFWP or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Local employers will choose qualified foreigners to work in the country with some qualification steps and an application through a Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA. This application must indicate that no local employee is available to take the job position.

Proper Immigration to Canada

There is a proper way to move and work in Canada. The vast wealth of opportunities is open to qualified, skilled workers, especially engineers, who are currently in heavy demand. Applicants must accomplish some critical steps to receive an invitation as permanent residents.

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