Do you have plans to immigrate to Canada? Then you should know that there are several crimes that could lead to a denial of entry to the country. While there are some that won’t affect your chances of getting in, several offenses mean automatic rejection.

If you are wondering what those crimes are, Bright Immigration, your trusted immigration consultant in Toronto, shares the types of crimes that can cause denied entry to Canada: 

5 Crimes That Make a Person Inadmissible to Canada

1. Serious Crimes

Any crime punishable by a maximum of ten years of incarceration is considered a serious crime in Canada. These crimes can include first or second-degree murder. Manslaughter, even vehicular homicide, which is the killing of a person through reckless driving, can significantly lower your chances of entering Canada. 

 2. DUIs

DUI or driving under the influence is taken seriously in Canada. When you drink alcohol while driving or before getting behind the wheels is a huge driving offense, and if you have been arrested for this, there’s a big chance that you won’t be allowed entry to Canada. 

Why is it such a huge offense? It is because drinking and driving can easily result in the injury of others and even the death of innocent people on the road. Because Canada is a country that truly values the safety of its people, it won’t allow the entry of people who can put the safety of Canadians at risk. 

3. Theft

Theft is also a crime that could jeopardize your chances of immigrating to Canada. Some might think that it’s not that serious. Well, not in the Great White North, as you can be denied entry if you have been arrested for theft in your country. 

4. Drug Possession and Drug Trafficking

CDSA or Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act states that when you have drugs on you or your property if you give it to someone else with the intent to use the drug yourself is an act called drug possession.

Drug trafficking, on the other hand, involves either the manufacturing or selling of illegal substances. 

Either of these two drug-related chases is considered a top offense that can get in the way of your application for immigration to Canada for several years. That said, after a few years, you might be given a chance to try again. For more information on this, you can consult a reputable immigration expert like Bright Immigration. 

5. Weapons Violation

Violation of local or provincial laws that prohibit manufacturing, purchasing, selling, transport, or use of deadly weapons like firearms is also taken seriously in Canada. If you want to increase your chances of immigrating to Canada, make sure that you don’t have any records of illegal possession or use of firearms. 


Any of the crimes that have been discussed above are a risk to the safety of Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and tourists. It is therefore understandable that Canada denies people with records of these crimes. 

That said, for some of these crimes, there may still be hope for you. You can consider applying for rehabilitation, for instance. That said, it’s still not an assurance that you’d be allowed entry to Canada. If you wish to know about crimes that can prevent you from entering Canada, you can reach out to a trusted immigration consultant. 

Bright Immigration is a reliable immigration consultant in Toronto that can answer your queries and provide you with professional services. If you’re looking for professional help from a trusted firm, please contact us at or call 1-888-404-8472. 

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