Regardless of whether you know it for its amazing double-doubles or love the idea of top-notch healthcare and utmost safety, there’s no doubt that Canada is an amazing place to live in.

From all parts of the country, Canada is packed with various experiences, landmarks, and a growing economy with a trustworthy government that helps create an amazing quality of life. For young singles, in particular, Canada holds a wide range of opportunities to grow and flourish as a young professional while boasting a strong job market that’s just as captivating and fulfilling as the nightlife experience.

Now, as easy as it may be to see that Canada undoubtedly is one of the best countries in the world to live in, there’s one question that many young singles ask about:

Where are the best places in Canada for young singles to live in?

If you’ve been meaning to start anew and jump into an open sea of opportunities to pick up the building blocks for a fulfilling life, then you may have pondered over the important question of choosing where to settle down. To ease your worries about choosing which part of Canada you should live in, let’s look at three of the cities that are perfect for young singles:

A sea of opportunities for growth: Vancouver

Often regarded as one of the most eclectic, vibrant, and captivating cities in Canada, Vancouver sets itself apart as a promised land packed with career opportunities for young professionals.

Thanks to its nature as one of the largest Canadian metropolitan cities, Vancouver holds its place as a city where work and play meet to give young singles the opportunity to discover themselves. With an amazingly-low unemployment rate of 4.5 percent, it’s safe to say that job opportunities are abundant in Canada and easy to keep as long as you’re determined and dedicated.

Aside from work and mingling opportunities, however, Vancouver is also the perfect city if you want to further your education as it is home to key Canadian universities, such as Simon Fraser University.

For cost-cutting singles that need an easier time: Calgary

One of the biggest struggles that many young singles encounter is budget constraints. If you settle down in Calgary, however, such instances are quite rare.

Although the unemployment rate in Calgary is higher than that of Vancouver at a measly 7.9 percent, it boasts a higher median household income of $98,309 while having a lower cost of living. Assuming that most young singles aim to seize the opportunity to earn a higher wage, save more often, and spend less, Calgary is definitely a prime city option to live in.

When you put aside cost-cutting and higher wage, Calgary is also packed with many cultural events, such as the Calgary Stampede, and a modest nightlife that also makes socializing far more enjoyable.

Right at the heart of the capital where business is better: Toronto

Another city that any young single can enjoy best when making the big leap to move to Canada is its very own capital––Toronto.

Home to the Toronto Raptors, the Toronto International Film Festival, and various breeding grounds for artists, Toronto is an artistic hotspot that oozes with culture, making it perfect for creative young singles. Aside from its cultural significance, Toronto also has a highly-competitive unemployment rate that sits at a small 6.4 percent and is outfitted with one of the most convenient transportation systems in the world.

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Moving to Canada is definitely a monumental experience that can be filled with anxiety. Nevertheless, choosing the right place to settle down and build your life and career in can make a world of difference altogether.

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada sometime soon and jump at the opportunity of a lifetime, get in touch with our Immigration consultants to see how we can help today!

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