Bringing your non-Canadian spouse into Canada to become a permanent resident can be quite complicated due to all the requirements you have to fulfil. Spousal sponsorship applications require you to provide many different kinds of information, some of which must prove that you and your spouse are in a genuine relationship.

Proving your relationship is arguably one of the most difficult requirements for the application, but a great way to do so is with the help of a personal statement. While a personal statement itself is not required in the application, it does help you establish the fact that your relationship is real.

Personal statements will vary, depending on your situation and how you met and got together with your spouse. Nevertheless, here are examples of information you should include in your statement:

Arranged Marriage

There are many reasons for an arranged marriage, some of which may be deemed unreasonable to an immigration officer. For instance, getting married for the sake of getting into Canada will be turned down.

If you are together with your spouse because of an arranged marriage, you will need to show to immigration why that is the case. You can do this in several ways, one of which is to provide the details of every individual who had a role in planning the marriage. You can also include the reasons the wedding took place and why your parents thought you and your spouse would go well together.

Generally, the more details you provide here, the better. This information can go a long way toward proving the authenticity of your relationship.

Online Encounter

If you met your partner over the internet, there are a few pieces of information you can provide.

For example, try and remember the first day you met each other, as you will want to include that detail in your statement. Indicate the online platforms you used to maintain communication, whether through voice chats on Skype or through email correspondence. Additionally, include how often you contacted each other.

Do not forget to include how and why the two of you decided to be in a relationship. You can also recount the first time you both met in person by outlining certain details, such as the date and location.

spousal sponsorship
Spousal Sponsorship


These are two examples of what you can include in your personal statement. Note that what you add should all be true and relevant to your situation. For example, if you were in an arranged marriage, then include information relating to that.

Of course, other information should be included about how you met your spouse, whether or not you have children, and so on. Remember, the more information you include in your statement, the more genuine your relationship will appear. As a result, your spousal sponsorship application will have a much higher chance of success, allowing you to reunite with your partner at home in Canada.

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