Starting a new life in Canada with your family can be very exciting. But there are many things to keep in mind in the process, especially when it comes to bringing your children with you. They will need to fulfil several requirements in order to qualify as your dependent, including being a certain age. 

Yes, age can affect your children’s application to permanently move to Canada. If they surpass the age limit, they may have to file a separate application and prove that they can financially sustain themselves. Here’s what you need to know about Canada’s new increase in the dependent age limit:

The increase in the age limit

In 2017, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) raised the maximum age of a dependent child to under 22 years old in their application to immigrate to Canada. This has been a goal of the department since 2015 in an effort to prioritize family reunification. Prior to this, the age limit was under 19 years old—those 19 and above were ineligible to qualify as dependents except under certain circumstances. 

For example, if your child has a physical or mental condition that inhibits them from supporting themselves financially and they are above the age limit, they may still qualify as dependents. Additionally, if your child has depended on you substantially for financial support since before they exceeded the age limit, they may also qualify. 

How this affects you

While there are other requirements for qualifying as a dependent, this new change is very important to parents who wish to bring their children with them to Canada. The extension of this eligibility limit to older children means that you won’t have to worry about bringing them with you. Individuals aged 19-22 are now free to pursue other opportunities that will help them become self-reliant, such as pursuing further education or seeking gainful employment. This also makes it easier for them to enter the country. 

How this affects Canada

An influx of younger adults entering Canada is highly beneficial to the country, as this can result in many economic and social rewards. College-aged individuals often seek better educational opportunities in Canada, which is also known for its many prestigious universities. They’re also more likely to look for employment in the country after graduation, which will positively contribute to Canada’s growth. It also helps the country become the best place for skilled immigrants.

Other things to keep in mind

In addition to the increase in the dependent age limit, the government has also removed the conditional permanent residence requirement. This can be found under other immigration programs, such as spousal sponsorship. The removal of this requirement reduces the length of the process, making it easier to immigrate to Canada. It also removes the fear of deportation of some individuals.

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Canada has been working to reunite families that are seeking a better life in the country. With these new changes, families can now look forward to a smoother and easier process of bringing their dependents into the country and being together all at the same time. As immigration has now become more accessible and less time-consuming, Canada has become the ideal option for families and individuals hoping for a better life.

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