Every year, people from many various countries choose to immigrate to Canada. One of the highest numbers of immigrants come from Bangladesh. Many families are attracted by the job opportunities and better life that can be offered to them when they decide to permanently move to Canada and apply for permanent residency. 

If you are a skilled worker in Bangladesh looking for the Canadian Dream, it is crucial that you find the right pathway that will work for you. Canada will be set to accept over a million new applicants for permanent residency in the next two1 years alone, and you may be one of them! This blog post will shed light on the possible entryways to Canada you may opt to go for and how to go about applying for your permanent residency.

Migrating to Canada from Bangladesh in 2021: A How-To Guide

There will be millions of open slots for immigrants within the next two years. How can you secure that you get slots for yourself and your family? The key is knowing which pathway to apply for. Before we go into that, let’s look into the reasons why you and many others want to move to the Great White North.

Why Many People Want to Migrate

There are two main reasons why countless families want to migrate to Canada – to have stable employment and for safety and security. 

1 – Stable Employment

This is the primary reason why many people dream of migrating to Canada for good. This is to earn a better living and provide a good life for their family. There are many industries that will welcome skilled Bangladeshi workers and give them stable incomes and good employment. 

2 – Security

Another reason is that Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world. With a lower crime rate, it is no wonder why many people want to bring their families to this country. 

Possible Pathways for Bangladeshi Immigrants

Here are some of the pathways you may be able to qualify for if you are thinking about applying for permanent residency in Canada.

1 – Express Entry

Express Entry is one of the most convenient ways to get into the country because it will allow you to migrate without a job offer. You may be able to qualify for this pathway if you are a skilled worker that has at least two years of experience in your field. 

2 – Provincial Nominee Programs

If you are a semi-skilled worker or don’t fit into the skilled worker categories, this may be the pathway for you. You may arrive in Canada and apply for a job in an in-demand field and then apply for PR after. 

3 – Business Immigration

You may also enter Canada and start a new business when you arrive. To apply for PR as an entrepreneur, you must do so via an Intra-Company Transfer program, the Start-Up Visa Program, as an Owner-Operator through a Provincial Business Stream.


If you want to be a step closer to living your Canadian dream, it is important to know how the requirements and qualifications needed to successfully be able to immigrate to this beautiful country. Working with a reliable immigration agency will make all the difference when it comes to getting everything you need to be able to move to Canada permanently. 
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