Individuals who want to apply for a Canadian sponsorship through their spouses go through a process that entails more than filling out forms, providing legal documents, and waiting to get approved. You will have to prove to the government that you and your spouse’s relationship is legitimate!

It doesn’t matter if you’re legally married, are common-law partners, or are conjugal partners. You will have to provide the necessary evidence that your relationship has undergone a logical progression, from meeting for the first time to getting married or being in an exclusive relationship.

If you plan to seek the help of an immigration expert, you must cooperate and let them assist you every step of the way. Keep reading below to find out the red flags that can end up labelling your relationship with your Canadian spouse a marriage of convenience.

What is a Marriage of Convenience?

A marriage of convenience is being in a relationship or being married to your Canadian spouse, yet having a hidden agenda to immigrate to Canada for other reasons than reuniting with them. You can get accused of fraud if your relationship exhibits the following red flags:

There is a Language Barrier

If you and your partner cannot prove that you share a common language to communicate with one another effectively, it can significantly affect your application. Since an immigration agency expects couples to understand each other to end up committing for life, you should be able to talk to your spouse enough to know what you’re both saying.

You Didn’t Meet Before Marriage

Before getting married, people expect you to spend some time together to prove to officials that you’re both in it for the long haul. If you fail to prove that you weren’t physically together any time before you tied the knot, it can serve as a red flag because you didn’t think it was important to strengthen your relationship during the moments leading up to your big day.

You Have Obvious Differences

If the age gap between you and your Canadian spouse is quite noticeable, it could also cause an issue. Besides that, having views to uphold that are different from your spouse can serve as a warning flag. Living in a country that requires you to apply for a visitor’s visa can also affect your sponsorship application.

You Have Been Previously Denied of a Visa

If you have applied for a Canadian sponsorship visa in the past and were denied that request, it can affect your situation. Beware not to hide this face, as failing to provide all the requirements can end up delaying your chances to get approved for sponsorship.

You Don’t Know Your Spouse Too Well

A genuine relationship can be proven by showing the people in charge that you know your partner like the back of your hand. If you can show that you remember their likes and dislikes, their family history, their intimate details, and their background, to name a few, then an immigration advisor can help process your application without problems.

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It all comes down to making sure that your relationship with your Canadian partner is genuine, authentic, and something you’re prepared to fight for because you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You can always reach out to an immigration service in Toronto to help gather your documents, prepare your application, and give you helpful advice that can speed up your application and increase your chances of getting approved for sponsorship.

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