In the first part of this article, we talked about how Canada welcomes skilled tech workers and how different immigration and work permit programs are available right now. Some of those programs have been discussed in part one of this post. 

Now, in continuation, your trusted Canadian immigration consultants will tell you all about the other programs available for tech workers:

British Columbia

The Tech Pilot program in British Columbia was launched in May 2017. Unlike others, the BC PNP Tech Pilot is not actually a program in itself but rather a system that helps expedite applications to existing streams, given that they also meet the requirements of the Pilot. 

In a way, you can liken it to the federal Express Entry system, but the difference is that this particular system only processes tech workers. In contrast, the larger Express Entry processes all applications for Federal Skilled Immigration.

Presently, 29 specific tech-related occupations qualify for the BC Tech Pilot Program. Invitations are sent every week to eligible applicants. Then, the candidate must be qualified for one of the five existing streams and have a job offer in one of the 29 approved positions. The job offer should last for at least a year and with at least 120 days left at the time of the processing of the application. 


Saskatchewan may not have a tech worker immigration stream, but it can still restrict a round of invitations for the application for provincial nomination to a specific occupation or group. They had already done this, too, when they issued 621 invitations to apply to skilled workers who used the Express Entry or the Occupations-in-Demand stream under the province’s International Skilled Worker category. They also limited their invitation to applicants with experience in at least three tech occupations.


In 2019, the MBPNP or Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program held a Tech Talent Recruitment Mission in Buenos Aires. This lasted for three days and was a very good example of multiple organizations working together to acquire tech talent for the country. Present during the mission were YES! Winnipeg and Bold Commerce. 


Ontario has its own tech talent recruitment system that works together with the existing streams. The OINP or Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has determined that work experience in certain tech occupations is a requirement for eligibility for periodic tech-only draws. Those who are selected in those tech draws enjoy fast treatment and a heightened level of service. Just last year, Ontario sent no less than 4.385 invitations via this program. 


As you should know, the province’s tech industry is already thriving. But recently, Quebec surprised everybody with their unique tech worker pathways. The province announced that it would have a new immigration pathway specifically for workers in the AI, IT, and visual effect industries. Furthermore, its set annual intake for this pilot is at 550 applicants for now. 

Immigration consultants advise those travelling to Canada for Compassionate Travel purposes not to fear the process.
Immigration to Canada


As you can see, workers from the tech industry won’t exactly run out of options to try if they want to work in Canada. And as technology only grows bigger every year and ever moves forward, you can expect that the country’s means of determining, choosing, and integrating tech workers from all over the world will continue to evolve simultaneously. This is evident in the huge developments that were seen in the last few years!

So, if you are wondering, yes, being in the tech industry may still be one of the best ways to immigrate to Canada!

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