Thousands living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) apply to immigrate to Canada every year. In fact, UAE was the fifth most popular country of residence of successful Express Entry candidates in 2020. It can be due to the various privileges, like access to universal healthcare, high-quality education, career opportunities, and beautiful sceneries filled with natural beauty. Whatever the motivation may be, it is recommended that you know the application process. 

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada from the UAE, feel free to use this article as your guide.

What Are the Programs I Can Apply for to Immigrate to Canada from the UAE?

If you are planning to apply for Canada permanent residence from the UAE, you should assess which programs you qualify for and give you the best chance of success. Here are some you can consider:

  • Business Immigration (including the Start-Up Visa Program)
  • Family Class Sponsorship
  • Federal Economic Class
  • Provincial Economic Class
  • Quebec Immigration
  • Temporary Residence (eventually transitioning to Permanent)

What Is the Federal Economic Class?

The country accepts the largest number of immigrants under the economic class. It also has various class programs, including Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, and Canada Experience Class. Within the Federal Economic Class, the largest group is the Federal High Skilled category.

The federal economic class immigration system is operated using Express Entry, and most provinces also follow it.

What Is The Express Entry Process?

Express Entry can be a fast way to immigrate to Canada as long as you meet the requirements. It has target processing times of six months once the complete application is received. 

This process requires you to submit your profile and enter the Express Entry Pool. You are given 60 days to submit a full application. If you meet the minimum points requirement, you will then receive an invitation to apply. 

You are scored according to the Comprehensive Ranking System, and it points for core factors, such as age, education, work experience, and language ability. The highest-scoring profiles will be issued an invitation to apply to one of the immigration programs. 

In addition, a provincial nomination is worth 600 points. If you achieved that score, you would effectively guarantee an invitation to apply. Take note that the target processing time is six months, and you will eventually be informed about the results. If successful, you can move to Canada. 

What Are Canada’s Provincial Programs?

Each of the country’s provinces runs its own immigration programs that target the specific demands of local labour markets. Here are some of them:

  • Ontario Immigration
  • Quebec Immigration
  • Alberta Immigration
  • British Columbia Immigration
  • Manitoba Immigration
  • New Brunswick Immigration
  • Newfoundland Immigration
  • Nova Scotia Immigration
  • Saskatchewan Immigration
  • Prince Edward Island Immigration

The entire process can be overwhelming or confusing at first, especially during your first time. However, you can reach out to experienced immigration experts for assistance. 

Canadian Visa Application
Immigrate to Canada


Completing your requirements and processing all paperwork when immigrating to Canada from the UAE can be difficult. The good news is you now have a better idea of what to prepare and which programs you can qualify for and learn more about. Meanwhile, you can partner with our immigration agency to ensure a hassle-free application process.

Don’t hesitate to seek top-notch immigration services in Toronto from Bright Immigration. If you’re looking for professional help from a trusted firm, please contact us at or call 1-888-404-8472.

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