There’s no denying the COVID-19 crisis has led to travel restrictions all over the world. Even Canada, which has always been welcoming, isn’t spared from these limitations. However, this doesn’t mean they have put everything on hold as they still do so with some safety measures in place. In fact, even temporary residents are given the opportunity to reunite with their loved ones in the country.

In this article, we’ll share how family members can unite with temporary residents in Canada.

What is defined as a temporary resident?

Before we delve into how you can sponsor an immediate family member to travel to Canada, let’s first define what a temporary resident is. 

A temporary resident is a foreign national who is legally allowed to enter the country temporarily. As the name suggests, they are in Canada for a temporary stay only, whether for school, work, or business purposes. Below are those who are considered temporary residents:

  • An international student with a valid study permit studying full-time in the country
  • A typical temporary foreign worker holding a valid work permit
  • Any foreign national physically in Canada having a temporary resident status.

Who can unite with a temporary resident?

As a temporary resident looking to reunite with your loved one or family member, below are those who qualify as an immediate family member.

  • Your spouse or common-law partner (having lived together for at least one year in a conjugal relationship)
  • Your dependent child (who is below 22 years old and single)
  • The dependent child of your dependent child
  • Your parents or step-parents
  • The parents or step-parents of your spouse or common-law partner
  • The custodian of your minor child

What steps to take (if travelling from the US)

If you’re looking to reunite with your immediate family member travelling from the US, here’s what they need to do:

  • They must hold a valid eTA or TRV (unless they are already US citizens).
  • They must carry documents showing your temporary status in Canada (such as work and study permit).
  • They must present documents showing their relationships with you (such as marriage and birth certificates).
  • They must have other documents showing the travel is discretionary.

What steps to take (if travelling from other countries)

If you’re looking to reunite with your immediate family member travelling from another country other than the US, here’s what they need to do:

  • They must have an eTA or TRV to travel to Canada (unless they are already US citizens)
  • They must gather all required paperwork such as a passport, proof of relationships, and other supporting documents
  • They must submit all paperwork to this email: 
  • They must include the following details in the email:

Temporary resident’s information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Status in Canada
  • Address in Canada

Travellers’ information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • The reason to travel (in detail)
  • The dates of travel
  • The current country of residence
  • They must follow all the guidelines for air travellers, particularly if they receive an exemption letter.

Take note that the typical processing time for this type of application takes between two to four weeks. If you want to ensure your chance of reuniting with your loved one, be sure to apply as early as possible!


As a temporary resident in Canada, reuniting with a family member amid the travel restrictions can be fulfilling. To make this come true, be sure to consider all the valuable information above and work with an immigration agency. By hiring an immigration consultant, you can have someone assist and guide you every step of the way until you reunite with your loved one.

If you’re looking for professional help from a trusted firm, please contact us at or call 1-888-404-8472.

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