When submitting your spousal sponsorship application in Canada, you’ll be required to use a document checklist. This will indicate everything you need to provide before completing your application. Without it, you may be refused by the Government of Canada. Each document checklist comprises basic criteria and is often broken down into two parts—required forms and supporting documents. When using a checklist, be sure to provide accurate information regarding your sponsored person. 

Part A Checklist Items

Among the components included in the checklist for spousal Toronto immigration are: 

  • The checklist itself. Though it may seem redundant, this requirement serves as a reminder that the checklist must be the first page in your application. 
  • Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement, and Undertaking. Also known as an IMM 1344, these forms must be filled out and signed by you and the person you’re sponsoring. 
  • Application fees. When applying for spousal sponsorship, you’ll be expected to pay an application fee, biometrics fee, and other charges such as the Right of Permanent Residence fees. You must attach receipts of every paid fee. 
  • Financial evaluation. If you’re sponsoring a person who parents one or more dependent children who also have one or more dependent children of their own, you’ll be required to fill this form, which is also known as an IMM 1283. 
  • Class of application. When applying within the family class sponsorship program, you must indicate your class of application. This may be between a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner. If you’re applying for a work permit within your application, you must indicate this as well. 
  • Generic application form for Canada. Referred also as an IMM 0008 form, this must be completed on behalf of the person being sponsored along with any of their dependents. 
  • Country specific requirements. If the sponsored person hails from a country that has its own required documents, this must also be submitted to the Government of Canada. 
  • Additional family information. Also called an IMM 5406, this form lists more information regarding the person being sponsored and their family members.
  • Schedule A. Also known as an IMM 5669, this form is filled up with information about the principal applicant’s background. 
  • Relationship information and sponsorship evaluation. Known as an IMM 5532, this includes information regarding the principal applicant and their partner.
  • Use of a representative. If the person being sponsored is seeking the help of an immigration consultant or lawyer, they are expected to complete this form. 
  • Authority to release personal information to a designated representative. Referred to as an IMM 5475, this form authorizes CIC to relay your personal information to another representative. 

Supporting Documents

For a spousal sponsorship application, supporting documents may include anything that proves the genuineness of your relationship. This may include identification documents, status documents, photos, medical examinations, and proof of your relationship, among other things. 

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One common error applicants tend to make is not making sure they’re completing the most up-to-date forms. Hence, it’s important to review whether or not you may be using an older form with the Government of Canada.

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