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Month: March 2020

Bright Recruitment Inc. was the original name of Bright Immigration Inc.
Bright Immigration

Vital Points to Note When Creating an Express Entry Profile

The Canadian Express Entry System is a popular immigration stream that allows people to move to Canada more efficiently. This
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Weddings & Canadian Spousal Sponsorships Amid COVID-19

In light of the global pandemic that has affected the world since the onset of 2020, many plans have been
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The Full Guide to Obtain a Study Permit for Canadian Schools – Part 1

Canada’s education system is one of the best in the world, and it’s actually becoming more desirable to international students
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Sponsoring Parents or Grandparents to Canada: A Guide

Sponsoring your parents or grandparents to Canada lets you reunite with them. Your loved ones also get the chance to
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What to Know About Canadian Spouse Immigration, Part 1

It can be challenging to spend months or years away from your spouse or partner, but a separation due to
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What to Include in a Spousal Sponsorship Supporting Letter

A spousal sponsorship application in Canada can be challenging, as you can never guarantee its success. Its fate will depend
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Canadian Immigration: Sponsoring Your Ex-Spouse—What to Know

When marriages don’t work anymore, they usually end in separation or divorce. If you live in Canada and you’re still
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