When marriages don’t work anymore, they usually end in separation or divorce. If you live in Canada and you’re still willing to sponsor your ex-spouse despite your irreconcilable differences, the office of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can cater to your situation.

It’s crucial to meet specific requirements and prepare the right documents before officials can guarantee your ex-partner’s residency, despite your marital status. For people having a hard time understanding the rules, it’s best to seek help from an immigration consultant in Toronto.

If you want to know the petitioning requirements in Canada for your ex-spouse, keep reading below to find out.

They Should Obtain Clean Records Before Moving

Before your ex-partner is given the right to move to Canada by the government, they must pass a screening test to prove they do not pose a threat to the country. If they have committed criminal offences in the past, they need to prove that their case has been closed and issues have been dealt with so they won’t be a problem to the residents of Canada.

The same goes for denying a person’s right to entry due to medical reasons. Your ex-spouse must face the same procedure to show that they won’t be a concern to the community. As such, before they are allowed to apply for residency, it’s best to ask help from a Canada immigration company to review your documents and overall status.

They Should Prove Their Relationship with You is Genuine

If you want to petition your ex-partner because you’re still in a sincere relationship with them that proves more significant than your marriage’s breakup, it’s possible to sponsor them. You can request an application that married couples undergo, but take note that you will be monitored closely due to your situation.

Since you will be held liable for the person you’re sponsoring, the CIC will ask you to sign an undertaking contract. The agreement shows that you will be in charge of your ex-partner’s basic needs, as well as that of any children they have that are also moving to Canada with them.

They Should Be Living with You for at least a Year

For a relationship to be considered valid, you must prove that you’ve lived with your partner for at least one year during your marriage. Your previous conjugal relationship should show a significant degree of attachment between you and your spouse. If you want to sponsor your ex-partner successfully, there must be proof you need to present during your application that shows you lived with them for twelve months. 

They Should Meet the Five-Year Condition

As stated by CIC on their website, if you successfully sponsored your ex-partner, they themselves cannot sponsor a new spouse for the next five years while applying for permanent residency in Canada.

The government declared the five-year rule in 2012 for the primary purpose of helping the community eliminate the abuse of the sponsorship program of the country. If you find yourself in the same situation, it will help if you asked an immigration agency to assist you properly.

Sponsoring Your Ex-Spouse


Just like any other country, moving to Canada has specific legal policies you need to follow. For those who plan to sponsor their ex-partners, you should meet the government’s requirements if you want a successful application. In most cases, it’s best to rely on an immigration expert to make sure you have all the necessary documents ready to ensure smooth processing.

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