On February 13, 2021, Canada reported that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued 27,332 ITAs or Invitations to Apply after slashing down the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to 75. In the first quarter of that year, the CIC issued 44,124 ITAs, which has made it the most notable quarter since the launch in 2015.

To get a better understanding of the situation, here is what you need to know about Express Entry.

Express Entry Explained: Canada’s Immigration System

Canada’s immigration authority, the IRCC, created a system on immigration in 2015 that allowed skilled workers to enter the country. The process involves accepting ITAs and getting qualified workers that meet the minimum CRS score of 100. 

This system made it possible for the government to welcome large numbers of immigrants—341,175 in 2019 alone. But due to the global pandemic, they only welcomed 184,370 in 2020. 

Why Slash the CRS Score to 75?

Immigration is a good source of income for the Canadian economy. With more people paying taxes and more skilled workers filling necessary positions, a lot of businesses are now involved in welcoming immigrants to the country. 

With fewer immigrants entering the country in 2020, the Canadian government is now scrambling to make up for those numbers by targeting a large number of immigrants in the next three years. Lowering the minimum CRS gives skilled immigrants more opportunities to enter the country.

What this Means for the Economy

The Conference Board of Canada agrees with the government’s decision to lower the minimum CRS. The long-term benefits will help the country improve more quickly, and more businesses can benefit from more workers coming in. 

Concerns about skills were also taken into accord. Now that the scores are lower than usual, will the people coming in be capable enough to work in the country? The board believes that these immigrants will do well in Canada despite the lower minimum score. There are, after all, many ways that people can be assets in the country.

What this Means for Immigrants

The target number of the Canadian government for immigrants is much higher than ever before. This would be the time to give it a shot if you had plans to move there. The qualifications will still depend on employers, but rest assured that achieving the CRS minimum will be less difficult. 

As part of preventing the spread of COVID-19, every immigrant will have to go through safety protocols when they arrive in the country. Safety is still a priority that the government takes seriously. 


While the pandemic has brought about difficult times in every country, the Canadian economy needs to make a transition to improve after the pandemic subsides. Canada’s ambitious goal of 400,000 immigrants is just one of the many things that the government wants to achieve to improve the economy despite the challenges of COVID.

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