Moving to a new country with your family is a major decision. You must take care of so many things before leaving—documents, visas, employment, and selecting your new city. It’s an even more significant decision if there are kids involved. 

Of course, you’d want to stay in a city that your children will love and will help them grow into educated, responsible, and well-rounded adults. You’ll need to stay in a place where it’s best to raise kids. 

With the Canadian government’s goals of inviting over a million foreign nationals to Canada as permanent residents, you are more eligible to qualify for many benefits. Whenever you’re ready to move to Canada, here are the best cities to consider living in one day:

1. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, is an excellent place to live and raise children. It’s considered one of the safest cities in Canada and ranks first in income, housing, lifestyle, weather, car ownership, and low unemployment rate. 

In addition, Ottawa has some of the best schools for children of all ages. If you’re moving to Canada, it should be among your top choices.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, the west coast’s bustling seaport, is one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities. It has many authentic community-feel neighbourhoods, and the city hosts plenty of events for families. One of these events is the Point Grey Fiesta, a weekend-long carnival where families can attend activities about crafts, go for rides, and enjoy music at Trimble Park. 

Besides, Vancouver is a fantastic city for raising kids because of the many programs it can offer. Other than that, it also has excellent schools that provide learning in both English and French.

3. Guelph, Ontario

Guelph, The Royal City of Canada, is another popular choice for many families. It’s located only 100 kilometres west of Toronto and offers a lot of green space, perfect if you love taking your kids out on a stroll daily.

It’s a low-crime community and has been one of Canada’s best-known cities for new families. Guelph also has excellent schools, a low unemployment rate, and various parks and trails, adding to the list of reasons why it should be among your top choices.

4. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, the heart of the province of Ontario, is known as Canada’s most ethnically and culturally diverse city. It has excellent public transportation, hospitals, and community centres. In fact, this place has some of the best schools in Canada.

If your family loves the great outdoors or you want to raise your children in one, Toronto is a fantastic city for those reasons. Being right along the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto has breathtaking beaches, trails, and parks, perfect for any season. 


Canada is an excellent country to move to and live in one day. Besides providing many opportunities for immigrants, your children will also have an excellent education, free healthcare, and a wonderful community to grow up in. When you move to one of the best cities in Canada to start over and raise your children, you’ll be giving them these and more and letting them live a higher standard of life. 

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