Not many countries offer as many opportunities and freedom as Canada! Indeed, starting a new life in the Great White North outs you on the path to a brighter future. Given the advantages of living in Canada, who doesn’t want to bring their loved ones into the country?

Fortunately, the Canadian government allows its residents to sponsor their family members. Sponsorship programs are an excellent way for immigrants to reunite with their families. In essence, the sponsored person will be your responsibility, and you must ensure that they have a safe home and suitable living standards.

However, sponsoring a loved one to Canada. While the country opened its doors to immigrants, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t complexities involved with becoming a permanent resident. For instance, you may want to sponsor your family members, but you aren’t sure how to go about it. 

If you don’t know the first thing about sponsoring a loved one in Canada, make sure to continue reading.

A Sponsor’s Obligations

Sponsorship is a legal process where the sponsor pledges to provide financial support and guidance to a particular person. Based on this declaration, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will decide whether or not the person is allowed to come to Canada.

When you sponsor a foreigner, you are required to fulfill specific requirements. According to the Canada Immigration Permanent Residence Act, you must provide for the financial needs of the sponsored person. 

You cannot take advantage of their vulnerability and use them as your servants. For example, you cannot take away their right to work or even exploit them by paying them below the minimum wage.

Moreover, you are responsible for the basic needs of the sponsored person. You must ensure that they have suitable accommodation, food, and clothing. However, these responsibilities can be fulfilled by anyone. You are not obliged to provide these essential goods to them directly. Moreover, you must ensure that they live with a sense of dignity.

Cancelling Your Undertaking in Canada

If you have decided to sponsor a person, make sure that you are ready to follow through with it. It is unethical to sponsor a person only to cancel later on. The government will not take kindly to your false declarations. The best way to avoid this is to get your affairs in order early on.

When you decide to cancel your undertaking, you must understand that it is not a simple process. The IRCC will review your application. You can only withdraw an undertaking if they approve the withdrawal. 

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Sponsorship is a serious obligation—make sure that you are a hundred percent sure you want to do it. When you sponsor a person to Canada, your financial and emotional stability will be questioned. Consult with a Canadian immigration consultant and do your research thoroughly.

By doing so, you will not only stay out of trouble when it comes to sponsorship, but you will also avoid walking into the snare of a fraudulent agent. With responsible handling of the sponsorship, you and your loved one can live well in Canada!

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