In recent months, spouses looking to move to Canada for a much better life have experienced unease because of the lengthened delays to the IRCC’s processing forces. 

In the case of those looking to sponsor their partners for a permanent residence, many of their plans may have to wait for a while because of the waiting periods and onset of difficulties along the way. Fortunately, those looking to speed up the process and undertake the application process can move along with the Coronavirus special measures. 

A hopeful development 

Amid concerns surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on immigration processing times, the Canadian government has quelled the unease by announcing that they will still accept and process applications. This came as great news for couples looking to reunite after quite some time.

According to the recent updates that the CIC and Canadian government have put out, individuals seeking to apply for spousal and common-law sponsorships will still have their applications accepted and processed. Applicable to partners both in Canada and abroad, the recent development poses a crucial opportunity that many aspiring applicants cannot overlook.

While the Canadian government itself is still refining its COVID-19 measures, the CIC has taken it upon itself to iron out various concerns that couples have regarding a sponsorship during the crisis. 

On incomplete applications

The CIC has indicated that they will continue to accept and process new applications for permanent residence, including incomplete applications that have lacking requirements due to restrictions. With this update, applicants won’t have to worry about delaying their submissions or applications since the necessary accommodations are made. 

In the case of those filing new spouse or common-law sponsorship applications, incomplete applications must be submitted alongside a letter of explanation that details specific COVID-19-related delays. Although incomplete applications will be kept and reviewed in 90 days, CIC officers will provide an additional 90-day deadline after 60 days to fully complete an application. 

Attaining entry amid travel restrictions

While the Canadian government announced a travel ban on foreign nationals into Canada to stop the Coronavirus pandemic spread in previous months, spouses and common-law partners may be exempted. 

Travellers and applicants considered and proven as immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents also have been exempted from the aforementioned travel ban. However, it is critical for travellers visiting their family in Canada to identify themselves to airlines and provide supporting documentation that will shed light on: 

  • Their immediate family member or spouse’s status in Canada
  • Their relation to the Canadian permanent resident or citizen

To fulfill the requirements mentioned above, travelling spouses seeking a spousal sponsorship are recommended to provide sufficient supporting documents, such as:

  • Marriage certificate or evidence of standard law status
  • Canadian Passport or Permanent Resident Card
  • Birth Certificate
Immigration consultants advise those travelling to Canada for Compassionate Travel purposes not to fear the process.
Immigration to Canada


Although COVID-19 may have imposed significant barriers on the application process of those looking to join their spouses in Canada, recent updates show a more hopeful turn for convenient experiences in the coming months. Through this guide and the necessary details in mind, you can make the required adjustments to ensure that your application is processed and accepted!

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