Losing a job is deeply shocking, as it essentially means a loss of livelihood. You lose the ability to support not only yourself but your family. The emotional impact of it can be crippling, but it also stretches to many aspects, including financial stress. COVID-19 has hit the entire world badly, causing millions of people to lose their jobs. The scenario is also gruesome for many foreign nationals, especially ones who struggle to keep up with finances. They are worried about being jobless, especially since it will impact their application for Canadian immigration—you may be one of them, but there are several ways you can still be allowed to stay in Canada. 

Questions surrounding how to immigrate to Canada has always been the concern, but now you may be looking for ways to stay in Canada. Many foreigners with work permits are encouraged to extend these permits by applying for new ones. Others are recommended to change work permits into a visitor or student visas. For these circumstances, however, it’s important to act before your existing visa expires. 

If you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are left jobless, here are the two best options that can help you stay longer in Canada:

1 – The Canadian government allows temporary residents to stay under conditions

According to the rules, temporary residents in the country holding either work or study permits can continue to stay in Canada, provided that they have already submitted their application renewals. Moreover, they will be required to follow their original status until the Canadian immigration department releases a verdict on the application.

Should the Canadian government approve the application, a foreign national will be allowed to continue to study or work as allowed by the new permit visa. Should the individual fail to get permission, he will be allowed to submit another application within 90 days before the expiry of the original permit or leave the country. It’s important to note that as you await the Canadian immigration’s decision, you will not be allowed to work or study.

If you’re a temporary resident and are now jobless due to the crisis, you can benefit from this implied status. You are permitted to stay in the country until your application is approved.

2 – If your job depends on a work permit, you will be allowed to stay indefinitely

If you’re holding a closed work permit or the employer-specific work permit, you will be allowed to stay in Canada until your work permit expires. In other words, foreign nationals will be able to continue their stay in the country despite losing their jobs until the last date of the work permit. Unfortunately, these individuals cannot look for other employment opportunities. 

If you wish to work for a new employer, an application for a new closed work permit is necessary, as this allows you to apply for a new job. If you’re a holder of an open work permit, you are allowed to work with and apply other employers in Canada, as well as apply for permanent residency. 

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Although many people have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian government continues to look for ways to address long-term economic challenges, which include shortages in the labour market and the ageing workforce. Immigration is one of the best solutions to these challenges, which is why the government continues to look for ways to support, accept, and process applications for potential immigrants. 

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