A lot of dreams and plans have been put on hold because of the current pandemic. Many are still trying to make adjustments, settling to this new normal lifestyle, and looking for ways to squeeze in a bit of normalcy while staying safe. However, if moving to another country is still something you want to do and is still part of your plan despite the pandemic, we’ve got some good news for you. 

Canada is one of the countries that made the necessary adjustments and immediate changes at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. Although faced with uncertainty, the Canadian government is aware that many people want to improve their quality of life. Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, the federal government has invited thousands of eligible candidates to apply for permanent residence. Thankfully, these numbers continue to increase every month, and immigration agencies are more than happy to help interested applicants. 

If you want to keep moving forward and improve your life, moving to Canada right now is a great option that you should consider. If you need a little bit of convincing, this article has a list of reasons you should pack your bags and move to Canada. 

Better education

Even before the pandemic, education was one of Canada’s biggest priorities. In the past year, Canada has welcomed hundreds of thousands of international students, and more than 50,000 formal international students have become Canadian residents. During the pandemic, Canada has continued to show support to international students, and they have made it even easier to submit applications for a study permit. 

Many career opportunities have opened to people who immigrated to Canada for studies. Luckily, the federal government has continued to see the importance of education, especially during these times, making it ideal to further your education and your career through studying abroad. 

The economy is getting back on its feet

Because of this pandemic, many people lost their jobs and businesses. This is something the Canadian government is well aware of and have taken necessary actions to remedy this.

Last June, the Canadian government added over a million job openings for people in the country. A strong job market and economy would only mean that the demand for foreign workers will increase. 

Since there is an increase in demand for workers, the government has already resumed Express Entry draws and has allowed applications for Federal Skilled Workers and Federal Skilled Trades. 

It’s easy to make Canada your home

The great thing about Canada is that they are aware of the benefits a foreign skilled worker contributes to their country. They know that skilled workers treat Canada as their home. Therefore, the government has made it easier for skilled workers to apply for permanent residence.

If granted a permanent residence as a skilled worker, you can live and work in Canada and even access universal healthcare and social services. 

Canada can help you reach your goals and dreams

Over the past few years, Canada has welcomed millions of immigrants and has helped them improve their quality of life. Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, Canada urges people to apply for visas and programs that can help advance their careers and studies.

Thankfully, immigration consultants in Toronto are supporting people to continue sending in their applications. They are continually reminding people that they shouldn’t worry about the limitations brought by the pandemic. 

Immigration consultants advise those travelling to Canada for Compassionate Travel purposes not to fear the process.
Canadian immigration


Many people have resorted to forget their plans or accept that reaching their dreams may be delayed because of COVID-19. However, Canada is reminding people to look past limitations and see this hurdle as an excellent opportunity to better your life. If you’re thinking of beginning your Canadian immigration journey, you should look for a reputable and reliable immigration agency to help you through this process. Some doors may have closed, but Canada’s doors are still open for you. 

If you’re looking for professional help from a trusted firm, please contact us at info@brightimmigration.com or call 1-888-404-8472.

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