Canadian educational institutions are gaining traction in today’s world. With so many people setting their sights on studying in areas like Toronto, Vancouver, and many other fantastic areas, you’ll thank yourself for choosing Canada! Even in the COVID-19 stricken world, many people apply to Canadian universities to experience incredible opportunities once things normalize. 

America’s educational system, while significant, is slowly losing out to Canada. American colleges have registered a drop in almost 40% in recent years. Students are not exactly keen on America’s policies for education, especially for those who are not citizens of the United States. With schools like the University of Toronto experiencing a 20% increase in international applications, it is safe to say that Canada is the way to go in 2020 and onwards. 

Why Are People Choosing Canada Over the United States for Universities?

There are plenty of reasons people might have chosen schools in Canada over the historically dominant American universities. With plenty of changes made to policies and structures for both countries, immigration agencies in Canada have long prepared for an influx in international students. Here are some reasons why students are choosing Canadian universities over those in other countries in 2020:

1. The US Visa Policies Are Not Supportive of International Students

The USA of today does not exactly enjoy having foreigners within their soils. Trump’s administration is mostly the cause of the drop in international students for recent years due to his imposing of stricter restrictions for these students. Once a student visa holder completes his or her education, they are forced to leave shortly after. Booting out students who have dutifully paid for their education makes the USA a less than ideal choice to study due to the lack of continuing education and job opportunities. 

2. Costs are Exorbitant in America

Not only are goods and services costly, but tuition fees for American institutions are exorbitant. These fees are not only for international students but also for American citizens. Expensive tuition often makes education difficult, especially for students trying to support themselves. The student debt crisis is why America struggles with its systems for educating their youth in some areas. Canadian schools are more affordable for international students, and even less expensive for citizens. 

3. Employment Opportunities are Better in Canada

Canada has plenty of options for students who wish to pursue their career within its borders after graduating. Immigration consultants in Toronto, Vancouver, and other places in Canada can assist with the processing of papers and a future as a citizen. 

4. Better Healthcare Policies are Present in Canada

Many people who read on US healthcare policies know how bad it can get for emergencies. With the current COVID-19 pandemic exposing the flaws in US healthcare, this has made people less enthusiastic about choosing life in America. Meanwhile, Canada’s healthcare system has concrete policies to provide everyone with equal medical care opportunities. 

5. Canada Has Better Policies Overall

With all the opportunities to become a citizen after graduation, and with all the fantastic people you will meet without discrimination, Canada offers so many great things. With healthy communities, excellent governance, better healthcare, and overall incredible quality of life, you’ll thank yourself for choosing Canadian education. 

Canadian educational institutions
Canadian Educational Institutions


Education is one of the most important investments you can make in life and what better way to continue your education than on Canadian soil? With our top-class universities ready to serve you a different kind of knowledge, choosing Canada for your studies will be the best opportunity of your life. 

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