Moving to a new place is always a big and difficult decision to make, especially with all the work that it involves. It may even be more challenging when moving to a new country. Not only will you have to deal with all the issues of logistics and the like, but you will also have to adapt to a new climate, culture, and other factors.

That said, one of the biggest questions you have to tackle during the move is the “when.” When is it the right time to move to Canada? We believe that now is probably the best. Here is why you should move right now to Canada.

1. Offers world-class healthcare

If there is one thing everyone knows about Canada, that would be its fantastic healthcare system. Healthcare is free for all citizens and permanent residents of the country. Besides this tremendous benefit, the offered healthcare boasts high standards, meaning that people can get the quality care they deserve.

Note that this system does not cover every aspect of healthcare. For instance, you will still need to pay for prescription medicine, but that will generally be covered by your employer. Regardless, Canada offers exceptional healthcare, whether through their free healthcare system or affordable private healthcare plans.

2. Boasts incredible work benefits

Canada offers amazing work benefits. For instance, if you land a job, you can expect to enjoy job insurance, private health coverage, life insurance, and more. You can also enjoy more paid vacations, meaning less time at work and more time to enjoy yourself while still making plenty of money.

If you have kids, you also gain an extra benefit called paid parental leave days. During these days, you can continue earning up to half your regular pay for up to 61 weeks!

3. Extends plenty of opportunities

Other than all the incredible work benefits, there are also plenty of job opportunities in the country. From nursing to IT, plenty of sectors have a high demand for skilled individuals. If you are not yet qualified for these jobs, no need to worry. Canada also offers high-quality education that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to pursue any career.

The best thing about this is that if you graduate from a university in Canada, you can stay and work in the country using a unique permit program known as the PGWP (post-graduate worker permit) program. You do not have to be a permanent residence by then, but it can allow you to work towards it slowly.

Canadian Visa Application
Migrate to Canada


With all these amazing benefits awaiting you, now is the best time to move to Canada. You can utilize many programs to gain access, whether through the skilled worker program or earning PR status through a Canadian spouse.

Even with the ongoing pandemic right now, we still highly recommend sending in your application. This is because immigration is always welcome, but to a lesser degree at the moment due to current circumstances.

That said, take the time to ensure that all your documents are accurate and genuine and that you satisfy all the requirements for whatever program you are using. Doing so will give you the best chances possible to finally enter this fantastic country and start an amazing new life.

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