The Considerations and Costs of Immigration into Canada

Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of living. It also remains a top tourist destination and a great country for immigrants. The country aims to invite more than 1.2 million people to become its permanent residents within the next few years.

Moving to the Great White North requires going through legal processes and a decent budget to process your immigration properly. Are you considering immigrating to Canada? Here’s a basic primer on their immigration process.

Reasons for Moving There

Canada is a great choice to move to. Some of the main reasons many people move to Canada include employment or business opportunities.

There are personal reasons too, such as reuniting with family. A Canadian citizen or permanent resident can work on spouse immigration to be with their partner. However, it is possible to move to Canada to marry and settle there.

Others are more specific and immediate, such as medical patients who move to Canada for long-term treatment and medication. In many of these cases, you need the help of Canadian immigration consultants. They specialize in handling the permits and paperwork related to immigration into Canada.

Points of Entry and Prices:

Express Entry

One way to move to the country is via Express Entry. EE is an online immigration program that uses skilled employment as your main entry point. It holds the largest share of incoming immigration to the country. You can complete the application process within six months.

This year, they opened 110,500 invitations to apply (ITAs) for successful and skilled workers under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Some of the basic prices and fees under the EE program are CAD1,325.00 for the application. This includes the processing fee of CAD825.00 and the right of permanent residence fee of CAD500.00. The same amount and breakdown apply to your spouse. For each dependent, the fee is CAD225.00.

Applicants need to create an online profile and complete a set of requirements within sixty days. Successful applicants will each receive a Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS score and be put in a draw pool. You must receive a higher or equal score than the required limit to receive an ITA or Invitation to Apply letter for permanent residency.

Family Sponsorship

If you are a Canadian citizen, you can petition for a family sponsorship for your relative, spouse, or child for permanent residency. You need to send proof of undertaking and a set of requirements. Basic fees are CAD 1,050 total for the Sponsorship fee of CAD 75, principal applicant processing fee of CAD 475.00, and right of permanent residence fee for CAD500. There’s also a CAD 150.00 sponsorship fee per dependent child.

Move to Canada Today

Canada is one of the top tourist and immigration destinations in the world. It can give you a better quality of life and opportunities. You can enter as an employee or through sponsorship from a Canadian citizen relative, spouse, or parent. However, you must be prepared for the requirements.

Your dream to live and work in Canada or join your family there is not impossible. We at Bright Immigration are Canadian immigration consultants with over 25 years of experience and five-star ratings. We work towards successful immigration. Call us for a FREE assessment! 

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The Two Types Of Spousal Sponsorship Application To Know

If you have a spouse who wants to immigrate to Canada, the answer is simple. It is possible. The process only differs depending on where the spouse is currently living. This article will discuss the two types of Spousal Sponsorship Application available: the In-Canada and the Outside-Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application. If you want to understand how the two differ, this article is for you. 

In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application

The In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application is for applicants currently residing with their spouses in Canada during their application process. The spouse should, of course, be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident Sponsor living and staying in Canada. This process is also known as the In-Canada Class Application and could take around 12 months of processing time.  

Why Is It Better?

  • Applicants currently staying in Canada would need to acquire a work permit to stay in the country. Fortunately, the sponsorship application can allow them to find work in the country, as long as it is under a Canadian employer. The work permit is usually processed in three to four months.
  • Once you secure your valid work permit, you can apply for provincial healthcare insurance. Note that the healthcare insurance and every province’s requirement can only be obtained when your work permit is good for at least 90 days. 
  • While waiting for the feedback on the application, the person can stay in the country until the application for permanent residence is approved. However, the In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship program does not guarantee temporary residence status in the province. As previously mentioned, the applicant should still need to acquire a permit to work, visit, and study in the country to achieve that. 

The Downside

If the application gets rejected by the Immigration office, the applicant living in Canada has no right to appeal the decision. If their application gets approved, they will not have much flexibility to travel outside the country for an extended period. 

Outside Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application

For those living in a different country from their Canadian spouse hoping for spousal sponsorship, you should undergo the Family class application. Since the applicant is not living with the spouse in Canada during the application, they do not have to apply for a work permit. All they need is to wait.

Once their application gets approved, they have the option to travel outside Canada for long periods. Should their application be rejected, they would have the right to appeal the decision. 

Can People Living in Canada Apply for the Family Class Spousal Sponsorship Application?

There are instances wherein people living and staying in Canada with their spouses apply for the family class spousal sponsorship for the perks mentioned above. It is possible to appeal if their application gets rejected. They may also travel outside the country for longer than what is allowed. If you want to learn more about this option, talk to your trusted immigration expert for advice. 


Immigrating to Canada is much more manageable if you have a spouse to sponsor your application. People think it is the best way to immigrate to Canada. Still, the process takes long, and there is no guarantee that the application will be accepted or not. Just make sure you refer to the instructions, understand all requirements, follow all steps, provide all necessary documents, and let your immigration expert do the best they can to assist you. 

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