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Settlement services are programs and resources designed to assist immigrants in adjusting to life in Canada. By supporting immigrants and helping them more easily transition to life in Canada, we can encourage them to fully participate and contribute at work, and within Canadian society.

By investing in professional settlement services, employers will help their new employees quickly adapt to their new environment and establish new comfortable routines. New employees will appreciate the attention and care and will feel more welcome and valuable. Employers will experience the following benefits:

  • Remove the settlement burden from the HR team. HR will not have to worry about the many small tasks, significant preparation, and unforeseen issues
    that arise during settlement.
  • Employees will come to work with a clear and positive mindset, ready to focus on the job instead of worrying about their personal circumstances.
  • Shorten the ramp-up time to new employee productivity.
  • Better retention of top talent.
  • Engage employees early on in their tenure.
  • Boost business growth through happier and more engaged employees.